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About Emily Rose

"In seeking my own life calling, I can relate to turning points, and how they mold and develop us as we venture into life. I can remember vividly the times when the 'light bulb' switched on in my mind, and I realized by certain turns of fate or circumstance that different times in my life would hold onto me forever. One of those for me was in photography.

I've loved taking pictures since I was a small child, spending dog-walking, bathing, and sitting money on film and processing. For me, they were just pictures, just images. One afternoon I took a photograph of a good friend's elderly dog, and gave it to her later as a gift. She loved it so much that it brought tears to her eyes. Since then I have continued to take moving photos, meant to capture an instant just as I see it: a pictorial painting of something I am seeing or feeling. I seek inspiration through my photography, and am inspired to take photographs of how I see the world at that very moment in time. I never planned, or expected, to be a photographer; I simply became one."

Emily has been an obsessed dog person since before she was in diapers. Spending her childhood years in the yard, running through cornfields, and playing in the creek in rural southeast Michigan with her Grandparents hunting dogs. When Emily's family moved to the northwest, she got involved in dog 4-H, and junior showmanship, winning awards for her training and showing dogs. 

As an adult, Emily still competes with her dogs in performance and conformation events. She trains dogs professionally, is an award-winning professional pet photographer, and an active rescue volunteer. Her daughter Deandra often assists in photo shoots, having been raised with dog trainer and photographer, Dea also competes with her dogs in shows, and enjoys art. 

Emily is an accomplished artist, making and selling DreamEyce Studio whimsical dog breed clay jewelry and sculptures as a dog show vendor and shipped worldwide since '02. You can find DreamEyce all-breed dog art for sale on Etsy, just follow the link on the menu bar! Emily's photography work has been published in numerous books, magazines, national ads, and product packaging. While Emily enjoys commercial photography work, her real passion is private portrait work, capturing the personality of your family members.